Brazilian Green Mate Tea (Sweet Orange Taste)
  • £3.50 Small 30g
Description: The popular fresh taste of fruity, sweet oranges goes well with the moderately strong spicy, slightly smokey Mate tea. The strikingly decorated, delicious speciality is a high-grade offe..
China Jasmine
  • £3.20 Small 30g
Description: The basis for this Chinese speciality is a half-fermented tea to which during drying time fresh jasmine blossoms have been added. The blossoms are later partially removed. The classical ..
Green Menthos (Mint note)
  • £2.95 Small 30g
Description: High-quality, Chinese gunpowder, finest American mint and an intense natural crisped mint flavour combine to a special taste experience. Aromatic, lively, yet rich, this exciting compo..
Gunpowder (Organic)
  • £3.20 Small 30g
Description: This tea is probably the most popular green tea from Zheijang, south of Shanghai. The name "Gunpowder" was given to this specialty because of its rolled leaves which have the form of bal..
Japan Kukicha (Organic)
  • £4.00 Small 25g
Description: This green tea quality is largely composed of organic cultivation by leaf stalks, the so-called "Kuki", which are obtained during the production of Sencha or Bancha. It is, therefore, ne..
Sencha Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • £3.10 Small 30g
Description: An American classic often served on warm toast: peanut butter and jelly. We have given it our best shot and put the characteristic flavour of creamy, nutty peanut butter as well as the..






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