Don Pistacchio (Pistachio)
  • £6.95 Regular 120g
Description: The scent and flavour of this smoothly sweet fruit tea blend immediately remind of the delicious, typically Italian truffle praline or ice cream speciality. As the marshmallows and choco..
Mulled Wine (Red Wine/Orange/Cinnamon)
  • £6.50 Regular 100g
Description: Is there anyone who does not know this wintry wine punch, which ensures so many sociable evenings? This tea blend is a real taste explosion thanks to the exceptional flavour compositio..
Turkish Apple (Yoghurt/Lime)
  • £5.95 Regular 100g
Description: This Turkish apple tea blend counts on the pure strength of sweet apple and pineapple pieces. The excellent flavour is supported by a combination of yummy, sweet and soft creamy notes...



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