Kurkuma Turmeric Chai
  • £3.95 Small 50g
Description: Let yourself be inspired by India and this spice tea blend with black tea and Ayurvedic influences that must not fear any scrutiny. Turmeric supplement benefits the body and mi..
Masala Black Chai
  • £3.80 Small 55g
Description: On popular demand we are offering this pleasant and strong in flavour classic Masala Chai tea. The intense taste is due to the select ingredients like aniseed, cinnamon, ginger and car..
Pu-Erh Chai (Cinnamon-Cardamom Taste)
  • £3.90 Small 40g
Description: With this Pu-Erh, we are presenting to you a special new addition to our Chai assortment. The slightly earthy tea base is complemented by a colourful selection of spices such as ginger, ..
Red Chai (Pepper-Cinnamon Taste)
  • £3.70 Small 50g
Description: Thanks to the hot and spicy ingredients, our rooibos basis receives a completely new exotic taste. The traditional chai ingredients such as aniseed, ginger and cinnamon form an interes..




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