Assam TGFOP Hatidubi Smokey "Fu Soonga"
  • £6.25 Regular 70g
Description: The tea makers from the Hatidubi Tea Factory located in the Golagath District have surprised us with a very well turned out experiment: perhaps Assam’s first real smoky tea! Fu Soonga ..
Breather (Vanilla/Aniseed note)
  • £5.90 Regular 60g
Description:This tea is like filling your lungs with fresh, clear morning air! A hint of sweetish liquorice and a lively, refreshing citrus flavour with a creamy, rounding vanilla note make this tea ..
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Cucumber (Cucumber-Orange Taste)
  • £5.55 £4.16 Regular 70g
Description:The excellent orange marmalade is perfectly in tune with the sweetness of the scones with clotted cream and the delicately thin, refreshing cucumber sandwiches. Ingredients:  Bl..
Gojiberry (Gojib./Pomegranate)
  • £5.95 Regular 80g
Description: In the land of the (extinct) volcanoes Turfan, Tianshan, Kunlun, Keluo and many, many more, we have found lava-red gold! Do you have an idea yet where we are? Correct, in China! Our bl..
Pu-Erh 1001 Pistachios
  • £5.99 Regular 70g
Description: This strongly spicy and earthy tea blend has found a perfect partner in the wonderfully nutty pistachio. The optic is ennobled by shining peony petals and the crunchy pistachios put an o..
The Emperor's 7 Treasures
  • £5.40 Regular 70g
Description:This select blend of finest black and green teas is enriched by royal ingredients and their noble, blazing colours. The full, fruity, sweetish flavours from the rich and colourful fruit..


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