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Cucumber (Cucumber-Orange Taste)
  • £3.30 Small 30g
Description:The excellent orange marmalade is perfectly in tune with the sweetness of the scones with clotted cream and the delicately thin, refreshing cucumber sandwiches. Ingredients:  Bl..
Family Tea
  • £2.89 Small 20g
Description: This really is a tea for the whole family. Its secret is the many fines and very mild ingredients forming the basis for this almost acid-free speciality. A beverage created for young and..
Relaxation Tea (Organic)
  • £3.20 Small 30g
Description: At the end of a busy day, we take you on a dream flight: close your eyes and imagine being in a resting place: lie down on a meadow full of blossoms beneath a green, relaxing bush. The a..



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